Zachary levi is dating dating a friend then breaking up

Shekinah is his assistant, and is popular and well thought of.

I don;t know what their religious beliefs are, but if they were tea partiers or flat earthers, I doubt that Hollywood would warm up to them.

He also tweets things like "May the lord in heaven bless thee," and he is said to be very, very close to Zach Levi and his family, all of whom are deeply fundie, so there is likely some compatibility in world view.

I don't know what your encounters with fundamentalists have been, but being regarded almost as family isn't what usually happens if your belief system is too far from theirs.

As for Alain de Botton, is he really the atheist du jour?

His younger sister is his assistant and she lives with him in his New York apartment.

TH however is a lot more conscious than Zach of his public persona, and avoids talking about anything that has any potential to alienate his fans.

If you read his interviews, he is expert at talking a lot without actually revealing anything important about himself.

Stereotypes aside, he's been in Hollywood for over twelve years, and out of all that time, he's only been linked to three women: Caitlin Crosby, Missy Peregrym, and Rachael Taylor.

Crosby and Peregrym both are often brought up as closeted lesbians, and Taylor flat out denied that she ever dated him. Here is what I want to know: At this day and age, I don't know why anyone stays in the closet anymore.

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