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I was very pleased with the way this cufflink box turned out, and considering how much you’d have to spend on one of these babies in a shop or online, I’d say Brad and I go off pretty cheap.The crocodile leather letter box cost , the foam was , and the velvet originally cost me around a yard when I bought it, but I only used around a ¼ of a yard.For Heather and I, our thoughts seem to turn to blogging.On January 2, 2007 we made our inaugural post on this blog.I’m always surprised and pleased when I see someone in person and they reference pictures or posts, and I love when people leave comments.For a while at the beginning I’d been trying to increase the number of readers and commenters, but I’ve come to appreciate the fact that I know most of my regular readers in real life.

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I can’t possibly say “no” when someone comes up with a new crafty project for me, so of course I agreed.

I then measured the foam itself, and cut it into 8 long, equal width strips.

I then pulled out this beautiful black silk velvet that I had left over from a skirt I made myself a while back, and cut the fabric into strips so each piece of foam could be completely covered in velvet before inserting it into the box. I glued the velvet onto each individual strip of foam.

), it just doesn’t seem like a great idea to broadcast all of the little details to the whole world.

That left me with three choices: keep things the way they are and just don’t post about the baby (sad – we want our family and friends across the country to be able to check in), switch to a private blog where you have to log in to see anything (sad because I love getting the occasional dropins from knitters and quilters), or leave blogger for one of the platforms that allows you to have a public blog with occasional private posts. So, I’ve been moving the blog over to the new spot (including all 805 posts of the archives and everyone’s comments).

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