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The good thing about that is that Prague ladies would easily be able to adapt to life in America, Canada, and Western Europe as culturally it would not be so different.The down side is these ladies are much more selective and are more demanding then ladies from areas farther East.There are many Christians and Catholics in Moravia and it is much more religious then Bohemia.Many ladies want to leave from here and many of them will travel the 2 and half hours to Prague to meet men who cannot travel here like my wife Jitka did.Ladies are more jovial and drink more in this region.In general the area is 25 years back in time to USA or western Europe.As for where to go to find a partner Prague and Bohemia ( Western Czech Rep) has changed greatly in the 5 years .

There are only 6 countries in Eastern Europe where ladies do not need a visa to come to the USA.

site where you can find a soulmate or just meet new friends. Free is a totally free online dating service, all our services and features are without charges.

- Post your own personal ad - Search profiles - Contact anyone for free - Receive letters from others - It's all free and anonymous Many other online dating services that promise it all free and then charge you for contacting other members, advanced search, etc.

This is a Central European city that is only 5 years behind London and Paris, where everyone speaks English and I would consider it America lite.

Prague ladies are very educated, classy, and have great language skills.

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