Who is sam worthington dating 2016

Worthington also provided the voice for the Call of Duty: Black Ops video games.

In 2010, Worthington started a production company, Full Clip Productions, with two of his close friends John Schwarz and Michael Schwarz.

[on the Terminator Franchise] Well, I reacquainted myself with the movies, obviously, before we started, but I would have been actually 15 or something when Terminator 2 came out. I've tried to reclaim a lost love and didn't know how to do it.

So you remember the liquid man, of course, and that was revolutionary for this time, going through the helicopter and all that.

He's designed it to bring people back to the cinema.

He was hitting the gym for a two-hour session, fueling up with proteins and carbs and catching some sleep.

Worthington graduated from NIDA (Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art) in 1998 at the age of 22.

He received critical acclaim for his portrayal of "Arthur Wellesley" in his first professional role in the Belvoir Street Theatre production "Judas Kiss" (directed by Neil Armfield).

Samuel Worthington is a writer and actor well known for his role in Avatar. Samuel Worthington's movie Avatar became the highest grossing film of all time.

His international career began with a small role in The Great Raid.

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