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, is a constant set presence plaguing Josh with arguments that could be distracting him from his role on the film and putting his career at risk.The duo met back in 2013 when they shot the Escobar flick and were making their relationship work long-distance while both tackled other projects.It is a good cardio workout in the form of a recreational activity.

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Following are some of his achievements: Josh Hutcherson won the Best Actor award by Bravo Otto in 2013.In 2005 he did voice work for the animated film Howl’s Moving Castle and had a minor part in the Hollywood movie Kicking and Screaming with Will Ferrell.He also appeared on screen in his first lead roles in Little Manhattan and Zathura.He won Breakthrough Performance of the year in 2012 by Cinema Con, USA.He also won an award for his performance in “The Kids are All Right” in 2011.

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