Who is hailey glassman dating 2016

Baldwin met Bieber in 2011, giving the two a long history as friends before any romance sparked.Baldwin admitted that dating a superstar like Bieber was hard.

Her career is still blooming, so perhaps once she is comfortably settled in her career the perfect man will present himself.

Radar Online reports that John Granatell, son of Real Housewives of New Jersey's Kim Granatell, is dating Hailey Glassman, the girl who dated Jon Gosselin (Jon and Kate Plus 8) after his divorce from mom of eight Kate.

I would like to note that I smell some major fame seeking in this relationship.

If there was one relationship of Hailey Baldwin’s that stole the spotlight for a hot second, it was definitely this one.

In early 2016, Baldwin and Bieber took over Instagram with numerous photos together seeming to be pretty cozy with one another.

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