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From almost the time she is born, Renesmee is able to communicate her thoughts to Edward.

She ages at a very accelerated rate, and is able to project one person's thoughts and experiences into another person's mind.

Carlisle originally planned for Rosalie to be Edward's mate, but their relationship was never anything more than brother and sister.

She would later find her true mate in Emmett, whom she rescued after he was mauled by a bear.(played by Kellan Lutz in the movies)Emmett Dale Mc Carty was born in 1915 and was 20 and living in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, when he was mauled by a bear.

Bella and Edward fall in love after they meet at her high school while she is still a human.

After marrying Edward, Bella becomes pregnant with a vampire/human half-breed daughter that she and Edward name Renesmee.

Carlisle turned Emmett, who fell in love with Rosalie.After he transformed he resisted the temptation to feed on humans and dedicated himself to saving human lives as a doctor.He lived with the Volturi for a while, but ultimately decided his "vegetarian" ways weren't a good fit for the coven and he headed to the United States.He has the ability to influence the emotions of the people around him.saga and took the name Cullen when she married Edward Cullen.

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