Wesley jonathan dating

He also runs a comedy and drama series which goes on air every Saturday Morning. Though he gets paid, he hasn’t revealed how much salary he is paid by the show.

The actor also has made success role on some of popular Hollywood films.

Talking more about his past relationship, he has previously dated Korean-born girlfriend, Denyce Lawton who is well known for being the part of the House of Payne series. Tia Brown JET caught up with Wesley Jonathan, co-star of TVLand’s series The Soul Man. I knew her when she went on her first date with Cedric because she was the head of wardrobe at my old show, . When a show is new you’re guessing what the vision is. You also have more to talk about so you can school each other about different occupations. A lot of entertainers are “ahead” of their careers in their minds. The seasoned actor open up about work, dating and what happens when he hits the grocery store. I play Stamps, the younger brother to Cedric’s character. She would come to work and we would tease her and say, “how was your date with Ced? As an actor learn not to worry about that, go in and do what I do. Speaking of fame, you’ve been in the industry for years. The couple went for a short period and couldn’t go for long.He got dispatched from his second wife within a couple of years.

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