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He had seen it many times before and figured it was for the TV. Her hand instantly found her pussy and she started to stroke once again. He particularly appreciated it now as the two of them rapidly stroked between their legs at the same pace.

Instead, it was for the web cam and she suddenly zoomed the lens closer to her as she got comfortable on the bed further from the computer. And, once again it was at the same pace as he continued to stroke his cock. The two of them continued to rhythmically stroke their own genitals.

Within seconds, she lifted her ass off the bed and within seconds her panties were gone. He had his right foot up on the desktop as he continued to stroke his cock while he used his left hand to caress his scrotum.

His pace was becoming so rapid he did not notice the impact it was having on the desk. Instant panic overwhelmed his body as the desk moved and the web cam fell off the top of the monitor.

Chapter 8 Steve's mom got out of the chair and moved it aside as she took several steps back to the bed. She again matched his pace and it looked like she was also as excited as him. He had to believe that she really was excited and turned on.

She sat at the foot of the bed and there was a remote-control there. By continuing this perhaps they could come together. It stimulated him to know that his mother was actually turned on by this "other life".

Eventually after he had time to settle down, she would come into his room and find him in this manner.

The two of them would then talk through whatever had bothered him or whatever he had gotten in trouble for. Obviously, this was a much more unique situation though.

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Suddenly, she saw the camera move quickly on the screen. "Damn," she muttered lightly to herself as she rolled her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she recognized the room on the screen. She was looking at his naked body as he frantically reached for the camera to put it back in place.

She did not want to give him any time to feel worse than he probably already did. She was going to knock, but then thought better of it. Steve was in bed and the blankets were over his head. This was what he did whenever he got in trouble as a child.

She tried to turn the knob slightly to see if it was locked. He would run to his room and hide under the covers.

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