Vtp not updating

Hello, I am confused about VTP terminology can you help?

VLAN configuration changes are completed on a VTP server.

Transparent Switches in VTP transparent mode receive VTP advertisements and forwards them over any configured trunk links, but that’s all.

They do not update their own VLAN database with the VTP information they receive and pass along.

Also, you cannot assign a port on a VTP client to a VLAN before the VTP server notifies the client of the new VLAN.

Also, a VTP client does not store the VLAN information it receives from a VTP server in NVRAM.

Explaination: I read a statement that a switch in VTP client mode does NOT update it's local database. I am assuming any update message from a server within the same domain will get past to clients and clients update their own information. Doesn't the VTP client also pass any messages it receives from the server to other switches in the same domain?

VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) was developed by Cisco to reduce VLAN administration effort in a switched network, making it a Cisco proprietary protocol.

VTP information is sent only over trunk ports whereas no VTP information is sent over access ports.A Transparent switch will store data in both the and running config.It will NOT update it's database when other servers send out information.Switches not only advertise all known VLANs with any specific parameters but also VTP management domain information and configuration revision number.VTP Modes of Operation A switch can operate in one of three different modes of operation within a VTP domain: Server This is the default mode on all Cisco Catalyst switches.

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