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” The most evident cultural difference between Voltage’s Japanese and American audiences, however, proved to be more aesthetic in nature.

“Japanese women prefer men with slender faces such as those who appear in anime and manga. After holding a focus group session with American women in their twenties, an interviewer said that “from talking to them it seems that (even to those interested in anime) in general American women are not as used to seeing more romantic or mature content in animated media.

For one thing, the fantasy of the “knight in shining armor” proved particularly alive and well in the American demographic, with 37% of participants reporting a belief in the long-standing romantic cliche, while Japanese women represented less than half that number.

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As one interviewee noted, “Japanese users enjoy reading our stories as if they’ve become the heroine, whereas our users in Western countries tend to read our stories as they would any other novel with a more objective mindset toward the characters and plot.” When comparing the most preferred archetypes for leading men, Voltage’s numbers also showed that while “” (hot-cold) characters were popular in Japan, U. women were more likely to cozy up to a strong, determined type who knew how to treat women well, along with generally more passionate paramours.

You can learn more about Voltage’s upcoming and current U.

Voltage Inc (ボルテージ) is a Japanese developer and publisher of interactive story apps, such as visual novels and otome games, for i OS and Android devices.

“We define ‘Love’ not only as a relationship between man and woman, but also as affection for family and friendship.

Meanwhile, ‘Challenge’ refers to all the challenges one faces in life.” But while you spend a little time building relationships with co-workers and/or friends in these games, the heart of Voltage stories is—or course—fulfilling female fantasies with everything from beefcakes to artsty types.

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