Validating xml document using xsd in c net

As shown in the section Section 5.2.3, “Using the container” Spring. NET's application configuration file as the location to store the object definitions that will be managed by the object factory. NET 2003 will still provide you with intellisense help but you will not be able to fully validate the document as the entire schema for App.config is not known.

Validating schema is a new feature in VS 2005 or later.All the templates aside from the web template have been created using Solution Factory VS. The source to creating the templates is not included in the distribution now, so please download the source from the subversion repository if you are interested in making modifications. A screen shot of the generated Class Library solution is shown below. To add the assembly reference either hit 'CTRL ENTER" or select the yellow 'light bulb' to and select 'add module qualification'. Resharper offers live templates for assistance while coding as well as file templates.To install the templates The simplest of the solution templates is the Spring Class Library. This solution template provides a Spring based web layer project, service layer project, ADO. If you use Spring's autowiring functionality, then you can even avoid having to type the property information when referring to collaborating objects. Spring 1.3 provides a few of each type to help you be more efficient when performing common configuration related tasks.When sending data from a sender to a receiver, it is essential that both parts have the same "expectations" about the content.With XML Schemas, the sender can describe the data in a way that the receiver will understand. However, an XML element with a data type like this: Even if documents are well-formed they can still contain errors, and those errors can have serious consequences.

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