Validating null in pl sql

On one hand performance is increased by performing client side validations before the page reaches the server; on the other hand, arguably, the user experience suffers.

For example if the user forgets to complete a required field, they are informed about this, believing this is the only mistake they’ve made in completing the form.

validating null in pl sql-6

However switching to a compatibility mode sub-5.1 is always going to be undesirable.

The other scenario I see is a profile assigned to users with a complexity function specifying a suitable password length BUT there is no lifetime set so that complexity function never executes enforcing a suitable length of password.

We end up with users with profiles but weak passwords still.

Oracle allows you to create as many profiles as you wish but there are only two layers in the hierarchy. If a setting is not applied in the user profile then the default setting is used.

Before we go further we can see what profiles exist in my database: @prof F = Failed Login Attempts T = Password reuse time S = Sessions per user L = Password Lock Time M = Pasword Reuse Max G = Password Grace Time L = Password Life Time V = Password verify function name PROFILE F T S L M G L V================================================================================PFCL_OTHER 5 U 2 1 U 2 60 PFCL_VF_OTHERMONITORING_PROFILE U D D D D D D DPFCL_SCHEMA 1 U 1 10 U 0 90 PFCL_VF_STDEPFCL_ADMIN 3 U 3 .04 U 1 30 PFCL_VF_ADMINDEFAULT 10 U U 1 U 7 180 NULL================================================================================PROFILE F T S L M G L VPL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

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