Updating sharepoint lists from ssis

Or, maybe you're starting with a 'template' SSIS package that has metadata for a different table than the one you are building..you adjust the source query, you see red X's on the precedence constraints (pipeline paths) in the data flow: Prior to SQL Server 2012, updating metadata changes of this nature was a very tedious process. First, you right-click on the precedence constraint and choose Resolve References: And voila, the references no longer exist for the transformations down below in the data flow.You might have to do this in a couple of places if the data flow splits off (like mine does in the screen shot).Depending on what else changed, you may also need to 'click through' some of the pages of some transformations to update metadata (ex: a data type change), but the Resolve References functionality is a huge time-saver.My Blue Granite colleague and friend Meagan Longoria has been convincing me recently that these are the kind of changes that BIML is well-equipped to take care of quickly & efficiently when it regenerates a package.Available on the market since 2010, COZYROC makes it easy to integrate or migrate data to and from Share Point lists.Uploading and downloading attachments that are associated with list items is also supported.

For this tip, I'm just going to set up a quick custom list.

Right click in Connection Manager and choose New Connection.

To run this package as a daily job that will repopulate the Sharepoint list hourly, daily, weekly, etc.

The COZYROC SSIS library also includes the powerful and elegant Data Flow Task Plus, not found in any other competitive product on the market.

Data Flow Task Plus allows creation of dynamic data flows at runtime and can be used with COZYROC's Share Point adapters.

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