Updating playstation 2

I loaded the console up, popped the disc into the drive, pressed the “Start” button to move from the title screen to the main menu, and then tried to start a new game. Eventually — and I promise I’m not making this up — I actually went back to the shop where I bought the game and exchanged it for a new copy. Of course, all that had happened was that I was pressing the button we commonly think of in the West as being the confirm button (X) in a Japanese game that used the opposite (O).

To my intense surprise, the game instantly kicked me back to the title screen. I was being kicked back out to the game’s title screen because I was continuously pressing the cancel button. Version 6.50 of the PS4’s software doesn’t fix this problem entirely.

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For example, game shows will display a circle whenever a contestant gets an answer right.

Until all developers start using the same control scheme for all Play Station games, the issue isn’t going to go away.

But what’s less clear is how exactly this difference came about in the first place.

O doesn’t have those same positive connotations in the West.

So, when it came to picking a controller’s confirm button, there wasn’t any culturally obvious choice.

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