Updating madden 09 ps3

In this day and age, there’s no excuse for delivering a notably lesser product when the two platforms are supposed to be (roughly) equivalent, and EA finally understood that this year.On my PS3, Madden 09 runs at a silky smooth 60 fps, and this game in motion is truly a sight to behold.The Wii version relies on motion-sensing, which works well, too, as you can pretend to throw the football by swinging the Wii Remote.In addition, the Wii version has something called "point and pass" which makes it drop dead simple to play the game as well as other extras including an all-new, four-player party mode.Parents need to know that this football simulation game is appropriate for players of all ages, but if you deem football too violent, then you won't want your kids playing this.Overall, though, it's a great footbal game for kids to play and might encourage kids to play the real sport with their friends.

One of the things EA Tiburon revamped for 2008 was the tackling engine, and it shows.

The turf has been retextured, and it looks fantastic.

Along with the field, vast improvements have been made to weather.

In other words, undersized defensive ends no longer look like offensive tackles.

In addition -- and this will sound trivial until you see it for yourself -- grass looks loads better than it ever has.

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