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Medication-related problems are common, costly, and often preventable in older adults and lead to poor outcomes.Estimates from past studies in ambulatory and long-term care settings found that 27% of adverse drug events (ADEs) in primary care and 42% of ADEs in long-term care were preventable, with most problems occurring at the ordering and monitoring stages of care.

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Potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs) continue to be prescribed and used as first-line treatment for the most vulnerable of older adults, despite evidence of poor outcomes from the use of PIMs in older adults.Background Medication toxic effects and drug-related problemscan have profound medical and safety consequences for olderadults and economically affect the health care system.The purposeof this initiative was to revise and update the Beers criteriafor potentially inappropriate medication use in adults 65 yearsand older in the United States.Conclusions This study is an important update of previouslyestablished criteria that have been widely used and cited.Theapplication of the Beers criteria and other tools for identifyingpotentially inappropriate medication use will continue to enableproviders to plan interventions for decreasing both drug-relatedcosts and overall costs and thus minimize drug-related problems.

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