Trisha dating photos

In 2006, Paytas had also began her You Tube channel "blndsundoll4mj".She had made her debut television appearance as a correspondent in Greg Behrendt's talk show The Greg Behrendt Show.Rumour has it that you are engaged to entrepreneur and producer Varun Manian.I know Varun and he is my friend, but, it's too early to say anything now.In a variety of bizarre poses, the busty star can be seen munching on pizza, drinking whisky and even sitting on the toilet... In one saucy snap the blonde American is on all fours on her luxury bed munching on Chinese fortune cookies.In a another she's sat on the loo pulling toilet roll across her impressive boobs.

“I am not in any dating site yet my photos are used by some sites to portray that I am.

She dated television producer Charlie Ebersol for eight months.

Being famous doesn't make you any different."That doesn't stop Spears from ogling at men she finds attractive.

One of the impersonators, who asked our ‘spy’ for cash - when he asked if he could engage her in a modelling role - is using the name Bendera Hussen.

The impersonator, believed to be male, claims that he lives in Mombasa.

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