Top reasons for invalidating oos results

Does the game provide the Germans with ample reinforcements of increasing strength over the course of the game?

Does the game have a solution for blown bridges and have a fail-safe that provides for the possibility of success in a worst-case bridge scenario (all bridges blown)?

Does the game model supply (and critically the lack thereof) in a reasonable way that hurts, but doesn’t wholly cripple the allied forces?

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Understanding and using ZOC bonds is key to building an effective defense and to create static lines without requiring hundreds and hundreds of counters to pull it off on the map.Each division can only earn 1 replacement step per turn, but they quickly become necessary and the Germans though weak early on can land significant punches of their own with a bad die roll or an ill-advised and overly aggressive allied attack against a city hex.So, does the game model the fragility and scale of the airborne landings?They also increase the value of the CRT results which require retreat or give the option for determined defense which is also a significant choice.In certain situations, you may be afforded the opportunity to put up a determined defense which allows you a chance to stand your ground and fight.

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    This is going to be f--cking big, and Liberty needs to be protected…I don't think people understand what being in the eye of the storm is like," said her brother.