Swtor updating slow

Important note – none of the other Operations and Flashpoints are part of this test. Bio Ware even asks you to go test them too and compare how they feel next to the level sync/scaled EV, KP and HS.

Because testing the new builds, abilities and balancing is slowly coming to the front lines, Bio Ware has updated the are not available in Phase 1.5.

In addition a new teleporter/terminal has been placed on Hutta to allow your newly created Agent to quickly travel to Odessen, get up to level 75 and let’s not forget about the 10 million credits placed right in your pockets.

On top of that all new vendors on Odessen sell their contents for 1 (that’s ONE) credit.

If you qualify on that level, but still have troubles accessing it, check out my PTS Guide. It allowed you to play test the new Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor abilities as well as take a closer look at the new Item Rating 306 gear, set bonuses and some tactical items for the four advanced classes.

KP and EV are part of SWTOR since day one (well, KP had only one functioning boss at launch, but let’s not go there now).This power clouded the target's mind, causing them to slow down both mentally and physically.It was the milder version of three poison-inspiring Force powers, the other ones being Force Affliction and Force Plague.Force Plague was a more powerful version of Force Affliction.Plague worked like a fast-acting toxin, horribly debilitating its victims.

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