Stoner pot head online dating

The chances are that you just found out someone is a stoner. Yes, there’s chunks of the cardboard missing because they’ve used it to make a roach filter.

Some stoners might be hesitant to hand over the packet for this reason.

And it turns out he’s right.” Uly’s best friend, Carly … Online dating certainly is a grab bag of experiences.

Be careful that you’re not about to ask a crackhead for his lighter. If you walk past someone who smells like skunk, you can bet that they don’t have skunks living in their house. Everybody knows what the stoner’s rolling paper packet looks like.

There are a whole lot of reasons you might want to tell if someone is a pothead.

Perhaps you’re suspicious of a co-worker and would love to have someone to smoke with on lunch breaks.

If you’re not sure whether someone is a pothead or not, ask them for a lighter.

If you never see them smoke but they have a lighter to give you, you can basically guarantee that they smoke weed.

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