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Finding cinnamon unprofitable, the British turned to coffee.

The death of the coffee industry marked the end of an era when most of the plantations on the island were dedicated to producing coffee beans.

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This resulted in them being decommissioned by William Colebrooke in 1833.The 1871 demographic distribution and population in the plantation areas is given below: British figures such as Henry Randolph Trafford arrived in Ceylon and bought coffee estates in places such as Poyston, near Kandy, in 1880, which was the centre of the coffee culture of Ceylon at the time.By the late 1880s, almost all the coffee plantations in Ceylon had been converted to tea.During the administration of Dutch governor Iman Willem Falck, cinnamon plantations were established in Colombo, Maradana, and Cinnamon Gardens in 1767.The first British governor Frederick North prohibited private cinnamon plantations, thereby securing a monopoly on cinnamon plantations for the East India Company.

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