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Hi Jek, Start by checking the serial number, here is a basic guide for you, once having established the serial number, post it and we will tell you if its genuine.

The following info will also help you determine if its a Fender Sqier number.

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The first Fender Japan guitars are known as the JV Fenders and JV Squiers, with JV standing for Japanese Vintage and were made by the Fuji Gen Gakki factory in Japan, using technical support from Fender USA.

These models were Fender models and not Squier models.

They had Fender USA pickups installed and were made for the Japanese market only and not for export [1].

I have a Squier Stratocaster since about 1991, it has the white body and the clear wooden handle.

I have never found any other number than on the head of the handle. I found on Internet a person who sold an Squier Télécaster with a similar serial number and an identical year of purchase.

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