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If it hadn’t been for that phone call, there might never have been a real investigation.Louise’s telling the police about the phone call convinced them as well that something was wrong.That would be you.’ At the time I thought the whole thing was being overblown.I assumed that Lucie was just another gaijin hostess who had taken off to Thailand or Bali with her boyfriend or her sugar daddy and forgotten to notify anyone.

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I’m so excited.’ In the evening she called Louise again to tell her that she was on the way home, but she never made it.There were nine other girls working at the club at the time, all of them blond except Louise.Their pay was 5,000 yen, roughly £35 an hour, supplemented by commission on customer drinks.He told Louise, 'Lucie has entered a cult in Chiba Prefecture [a region east of Tokyo]. The local Azabu police did not want to take the case.However, the embassy had been notified and the mysterious phone call was impossible to ignore.

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