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A self-proclaimed geek, owl enthusiast, and sushi lover.

You can find her making jokes where they're likely not needed.

If there is thought behind it, then that’s all that matters.

If you are stuck paying for everything, then that’s not cheap, that’s just gross.

In the latter, Tom shows Summer the city’s architectural beauty.

Los Angeles is known as the City of Angels because its name literally translates to “the angels,” and it’s the largest city in California in terms of population (over 3.9 million people).

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You look up and see what you would define as a “good-looking person.” Let’s call them Hot Stranger. Be right back” ( 15, the onomatopoeia “Ohp” betrays Hot Stranger’s Midwestern roots, and Midwesterners are usually nicer than most people). “I was actually thinking tonight,” Hot Stranger says. I was definitely born in the wrong era because trying to date in 2012, especially in Southern California, simply makes me want to cry. They make more money than they will ever make again the rest of their life, it requires no effort/thought, they can sleep in until 4pm daily, do drugs on the reg and on top of that, they’re surrounded by dumb drunk chicks with fake body parts who think they’re the sh*t.Forget phone calls and flowers, consider yourself lucky to get a text or even the time of day from a Cali guy. The Hot but Dumb Industry Bro I swear, 98.8% of San Diego guys are made up of industry bros, which for me is the enemy. It’s also like an adult fraternity, there’s always one bro just a phone call away who’s down to hit up a MMA training or a secret Mystic Tan sesh. He’ll only text you when he’s drunk/ bored and you’ll get absolutely nothing from him other than that free drink and maybe some late night action. The Older Guy You Think Should Be Normal Because He’s Older But Is Actually Worse Than the Younger Ones I don’t know if there is something in the water here or what, but Cali guys honestly do NOT want to grow up. If you need proof, consider the following imagined—but all too recognizable—interaction, which we’ve scored on a points system. “is his best work in my opinion.” ( 100, clearly not lying; -100, clearly not Sedaris’s best work). ” (-65, unforgivable use of punctuation after “Hey.” And -10 for capitalizing LOL, which is gross). No matter the cause, single Angelenos are approaching the dating game with apathy rather than intent, and that’s unpleasant.

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