Smart guys intimidating

I was shy and reserved in high school and college but because I was a nice looking guy several nice looking girls approached me and that cut my workload by 90%. We have no idea how critical natural selection is to pushing the human race to producing more and more beautiful/handsome women and men.I have never seen so many jaw-dropping stunning women in real life and on the Internet.Generally speaking, if men tell you this, you should listen to them.

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You’re considered the “hot” friend in the group, and you’re still single.The guy in question stammers, blushes, or seems abnormally tense around you.These are classic signs of a poor guy being flustered in front of a girl.If this is what you’re known for, you shouldn’t be surprised that some guys might be scared to approach you.After all, no one wants to get a sudden ego blow, right?

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