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Your sword shoots a spiritual laser that converts possessed Roman soldiers into Christians and vaporizes demons.

Besides being exciting and cutting-edge, Catechumen is an excellent game to learn both history and the basics of Spiritual Warfare.

The look of Heaven is similar to the Secular Japanese series Final Fantasy, only Heaven truly is final and it is no fantasy -- it is real!

The game's depiction of Heaven was constructed as closely as possible to the descriptions in the book of Revelation, so we can look forward to visiting the game's locations when we die (assuming of course you have accepted Jesus as your Savior.

Otherwise you will be spending the rest of eternity living through Doom.) The plot of the game has you playing as Commander Joshua, an astronaut who lands in Heaven after his ship is damaged by asteroids.

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†††††Chariots is a racing game that takes place during Biblical times.

You play a Christian student (a "catechumen") who must descend into the depths of the catacombs in order to rescue your captured tutor from the evil forces of the Roman Empire, who are under the control of Satan himself.

You are armed with the powerful Sword of the Spirit given to you by an Angel who helps you throughout your quest.

The graphics and gameplay are old school, like old Final Fantasy or Zelda games only without the occult or homosexual influences.

Each chapter is inexpensive (only .95) and appropriate for all ages.

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