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The strength of the link between deep time and naturalism is illustrated by the singular lack of effect on the timescale by the modern revival of catastrophism. Even catastrophic geologic processes do not affect deep time.

Although worldviews have many facets, three are essential for this discussion: metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of history (figure 2). Naturalism proposes that ultimate reality is some form of eternal matter/energy containing an inherent tendency towards evolutionary self-organization (figure 3A).

There is a link between this metaphysical materialism and epistemological positivism.

If reality is only matter and energy, then knowledge of it is best supplied by science (figure 3B).

That is why advocates of naturalism continue to affirm it, in spite of the problems with eternalism, evolution, and neocatastrophism.

The faith commitment of its advocates to the link (figure 2) trumps these issues.

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