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The audience finally discovered his identity in October 1985 in episode 66.

Written by series co-creator/script-editor Tony Holland and directed by co-creator/producer Julia Smith, it was considered a landmark episode in the show's history.

When Den is shot and presumed dead, Michelle tells Sharon that Vicki is her half-sister and Sharon is devastated whilst Arthur is furious.

Vicki survives meningitis but Dr Legg (Leonard Fenton) fails to diagnose it, reuniting Michelle and Sharon.

Vicki's grandmother, Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richard), realises Den is Vicki's father when she sees him give money to Michelle and slaps him.

Lofty begins to pressure Michelle to let him adopt Vicki and have another child, but their marriage soon breaks down after Michelle has an abortion and Michelle refuses to name Vicki's father upon Lofty's departure.

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Michelle is furious with Sharon about Vicki knowing.

Spencer wants to be a father but Vicki terminates the pregnancy.

Dennis soon tells Vicki that Den, who had supposedly died in 1989, is alive and living in Spain, and she brings him back to the Square to reunite with his family.

A teenage Vicki returns to Walford in February 2003 when she runs away from home.

She has been arguing regularly with Michelle and it is decided that she can stay in Walford.

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