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Unfortunately, our culture has taught us that sexual attraction is key to finding a suitable life partner; in fact for much of our culture, good sex is the highest form of transcendence conceivable.

But let me state the obvious: this is not a Christian culture.

This allowance came to be in a world in which children were often promised in marriage before they were three years old.

They had no choice; and so the church made allowance for the reality of a culture in which a man or woman could not choose his or her spouse. Young people, my daughters included, often say that there are no good candidates among the Orthodox Christians they know. Often Orthodox Christian churches are small and choices are limited.

I have researched all information on Orthodox Judaism. See how they dress and why they dress that way; learn about their family life and moral standards of ethical behavior; see why Orthoox Jewish women cover their hear and dress modest and much more. Just scroll down, choose your topic and start reading. You can write to me, and I will make my best effort to answer clear and simple in a swift manner.

Hang out with good people and you will become a better person.The Orthodox Church allows marriages between Orthodox Christians and other Christians (not non-Christians).The main stipulation is that the couple agree to raise the children Orthodox.Christians are called to a life of repentance, a life in which Christ is God and my life is His.Sex, even “great” sex, is a normal part of life for married Christians; but, and here is the irony for our culture, great sex is the byproduct of Christ-like loving and giving in the context of a life-long relationship.

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