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Surely marriage is a much bigger commitment than buying a house, but I’m hoping that our experience will prove insightful…so here we go!

For the past year, long before we started looking for a house, we started keeping a list of non-negotiables.

They may need more confidence that they can make it work - and that it's worth the effort for the success of generations to come.

Because Jennie met her boyfriend through a co-worker, she felt like she knew something about him.

Perhaps millennials don't need to be convinced to invest in marriage.

Banks require TONS of paperwork to convince them that you’re loan-worthy. The goal is count the cost of marriage and make sure you understand the weight of covenant. You will never be fully ready for marriage – no amount of how-tos or tips will prepare you – but you count the cost.

We had to take a hard look at our finances in a way we hadn’t before. Marriage is wonderful, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows! We could have never found the right house without a team of advisors: our realtor, our mortgage broker, the title specialists, the inspectors, underwriters, and an appraiser.

I’m self-employed, which comes a long with a mixed bag of good and bad implications.

One bad one is that it’s much harder to buy a house. Of course, there’s abundant grace when you’re in Christ.

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