Raiden fighters 2 mame updating

Unfortunately then turned out to not be quite as interesting as was hoped because the actual program code is an identical game revision to the final game, the graphics are simply split differently.

All was not lost however because the set contained ROMs for both the English version, and the Japanese version, both were added (even if the English one is technically identical once loaded) and it does mean that there is now a set with a plain Sammy copyright (rather than American Sammy) and Japanese text; turns out it’s just 3 bytes different tho.

This was a bit of work to add because it uses a slightly different lineswapping to the other set.

The interesting thing about these games is that all the builds we’ve seen seem to be actual recompiles, possibly slightly minor different revisions of the base code.

Chris Hardy and Charles Mac Donald combined to sort out and decrypt one of the non-working Wonder Boy 3 clones, using the correct ROMs from the ‘wb35’ and ‘wb35a’ sets (I think just wb35a, wb35 was bad) and also fixing / creating a suitable decryption key based on code analysis so that the set can run, like much of this update, nothing you haven’t seen before, but good to have another original set running, this one being an FD1089A based set whereas all the other working sets are FD1094 based, or use a plain 68k with 8751 protection.

Sega’s Tetris is a game that got around, Alex Meijer uncovered yet another version of it this time on the Taito H system (68K, Z80, YM2610) with this version apparently being a conversion kit for a ‘Go For Gold’ board.

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The US version is both in English and gives you a selection of 3 possible tile-sets to make it more appealing to non-Japanese audiences.

Another curious clone is the new P47 Freedom Fighter addition from Porchy, what can only be described as a censored set.

I say curious because apparently its an ‘export’ version with the crosses removed from the planes, as you can see on the bottom two rows of the screenshots below (left is the new set, right is the old set) the strange part is that both sets boot up as ‘For Use In Japan’ The actual Export version we have as the parent is uncensored (assuming it isn’t a frankenset) to add to the confusion.

Either way, must have taken a keen eye to notice this.

Another finding from Brian Troha was some loose ROMs from a Zombie Raid prototype, hand-dated etc.

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