Radioactive dating in the united states

Of course, every living thing requires carbon from the environment.

Plants absorb the carbon through their leaves and inherently absorb some radioactive carbon as well, which is then eaten by herbivores, and then of course, the carnivores eat the creatures that eat the plants.

Although all primates have ADH4, not all can break down alcohol effectively or safely.

As the earth cooled off, primate ancestors began to explore.

Alcohol was first consumed as an evolutionary advantage for humans (human ancestors or other species) to absorb more nutrients in slightly spoiled food.The result is a carbon-14 atom: a heavier and slightly radioactive form of carbon with a half-life of a few thousand years before it decays back into nitrogen.This process is constantly taking place, resulting in about one part per trillion becoming this radioactive isotope.Fruit, of course, has a shelf life- go over that shelf life and it becomes a little bit sharp to eat as the complex sugars break into the delicious sweet tasting fruit many people love.But after that, it begins to ferment into ethanol, more commonly known as alcohol., humans began to evolve to consume moderate amounts of alcohol without getting sick thanks to a set of proteins like the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme ADH4- a critical component involved in metabolizing alcohol.

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