Podcasts stop updating

Alternatively, you can remotely control podcast playback on the i Phone from the Apple Watch.Just tap ‘On i Phone’ from the main view on Apple Watch, then select from Listen Now, Shows, Episodes, or Stations.It’s a possible explanation, as the Podcasts app is a shell icon that lets you use the feature within the Google app.

With the new Podcasts app on watch OS 5, the Apple Watch finally becomes a standalone podcast player — just like i Pods of the old days, only with Siri, i Phone sync, and LTE in the mix.You can also select all your podcasts, right-click and choose "Update Podcast" to force a global update, but why do three steps when Apple Script is there to reduce those to one?i Tunes will keep me in check no longer, as Doug Adams (of Doug's Scripts fame) provides a solution for this issue with his Update Expired Podcasts v2.0 Apple Script -- which batch updates each of your podcasts.But I like the option of being current on all my podcasts, as well as being selective about which episode(s) I want to listen to.And being the rebel that I am -- using a two button mouse in 2001 while everyone else was still control-clicking -- this means that I will sometimes not listen to a podcast within these set parameters.

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