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Pim is very sweet and protective of Ploy, though Ploy's nature is harsh and jealous.The girls promised each other to stay together until they die.But Ploy knocks him unconscious and takes Wee hostage.However, Wee escapes, and the ensuing fight with Ploy causes the house to catch fire. Trapped underneath, Pim's ghost confronts and holds Ploy down, and as the burning debris rains down around them, Pim smiles and Ploy dies.The hauntings keep stalking Pim and she feels even more guilty.Later, however, the spirit of Ploy also haunts Wee.

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To do so, the twins undergo a surgery, which Ploy does not survive.

Pim burdens herself with guilt thinking that if she had not wanted an operation, Ploy would still be alive.

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