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In April 27, he finally started warming up to his stepmother Kayla.

On April 4, Tripp meets his mother's cousin Angelo and he informs him that he has his mother's eyes and he looks just like her when she was his age.

Leaving Ava alone as she sank to the floor in despair, clutching the photograph of her son against her chest as she continued weeping, grieving for her deceased bundle of joy, the baby boy she will never hold or care for.

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In April 28, Tripp reveals he graduated from Arizona State.

Steve shares on how horrible his own father was, and they bonded. Tripp learns his mother was not only lethal but also certifiably insane. Angelo remarks on how Tripp looks just like his mother.

Angelo shares on the suffering his mother had to face in her life. In the next day, Tripp disowns Steve blaming him for how his mother turned out.

Steve is shocked and and steps in tries to broker peace but winds up hitting the owner. A nurse tells Steve and Tripp that the test results have been delayed. Later, Steve returns to the loft with food and after having lunch, he opens up about Ava, telling Tripp Ava wasn't stable and that she's dead.

They leave and arrive at the loft where he meets his younger brother, Joey for the first time. Later Tripp reveals that his adopted mom's dead and his adopted father used him as a punching bag so he ran away nearly a decade ago. Tripp learns that Steve killed his mother on ISA orders. In April 4, Tripp meets his mother's cousin Angelo.

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