Original dating london

The company quickly earned the top ranking in Google for the term “speed dating London,” which helped it find more fans throughout the city.

“Original Dating was launched to a wave of media interest, and, in hindsight, the timing was perfect,” Stuart said.

With the foresight to jump onto an interesting trend, Original Dating organically built itself into a formidable force on the London dating scene.

And since its creation, the company has yet to take on an outside investor, choosing instead to grow on its own quality.

Original Dating events are particularly useful for Londoners with hectic work schedules and may be even more time-efficient than dating apps.

“With a dating app, you can find potential dates while sitting on the bus,” Stuart said.

Since daters are used to seeking others on dating apps, they don’t face a significant mental leap when choosing speed dating.

“Word-of-mouth quickly spread, and, soon, events were planned and held across London.” Original Dating rode the burgeoning wave of the internet to find even more London singles interested in speed dating.

Though dating apps continue to saturate the London market, speed daters find face-to-face events a useful way to test their chemistry in a real-world setting.

Original Dating staffers often face questions about whether dating apps have negatively affected their business. Stuart said that online dating has helped normalize organized dating — or actively seeking out channels to find romantic partners, rather than finding them organically.

It was called speed dating, and it fit well into the busy lives of urbanites, allowing them to meet many potential partners quickly.

Speed dating was a perfect fit for overtasked Londoners, and events began popping up all over the city.

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