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In order to camouflage this dinner date, Matsumoto actually invited a fellow Johnny’s celebrity, Touma Ikuta, but this camouflage did not work so well.Since ARASHI is a very hot band at the moment, their agency cannot let the fans down by allowing Matsumoto and Inoue to get married.Whether its for marriage (or an illness or whatever), celebrities/people give an announcement so that those who have supported them and who continue to support them feel included in the situation.It's a way for those who are making an announcement to say 'Thank you for everything; we're young and foolish but we are in love.Please look after us as we venture on this new journey together etc.'I like these two, always have and always will!! Jun Matsumoto (born August 30, 1983) is a Japanese singer and actor known to be a member of a highly successful Japanese boyband, ARASHI.

He has also stated that if he is ever going to get married, he prefers someone that are not associated with the entertainment industry.

As a matter of fact, some residents that were living near Nakama’s house revealed that Matsumoto had been coming into Nakama’s house several times. His described his ideal type of woman to be very Japanese.

By that he means that he would like his lover to be modest and caring, with plenty of support provided to Matsumoto as he further explores his career.

One factor is indeed because Matsumoto has hide his love life in front of his fans, but the other factor is because he likes to stay indoors with his girlfriend.

He has said during a conversation with the members of ARASHI that if he were to play outside, he would do it with his guy-friends.

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