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Yik Yak is a location-based social network that helps people discover what’s going on in local communities.The demographic skews very young, and most people use it to connect to others in their high school or college.

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This is an important book if you want to learn how the young generation—both girls and boys—use their smartphones.

They copy celebrity actions in their online personas -- pose in revealing clothing (or no clothing), make the duckface, stick out tongues Miley Cyrus style.

As young as 13, some girls find themselves victims of cyber-bullying and advances by boys who ask for nude pictures and send unwanted “dick pics” in return.

While nudity or purposefully suggestive images have been punished before, some streams seem to toe the line for some people.

Patch was looking through Twitch’s Just Chatting category for a certain kitten stream when he was “distracted” by streamer ‘Thats Strange MUA’ in the early stages of a long body painting process.“Can I paint my gooch on Twitch,” Patchryan asked. Paint it white, with white gesso, and then I try to paint my ballsack the color of a Pokemon ball.

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