Nick rhodes is dating a fan

He did all the suits that we wore on the album art and on the boat. For me, he was the cleverest of the European designers during the period of the '80s into the '90s and in fact he still reigns pretty supreme. With hair and makeup when we did photo sessions there was occasionally a makeup artist but usually we’d do our own anyway. When other people did our makeup early on I remember thinking: Wow, that looks really too good, it looks too pristine. It was almost about borrowing your girlfriend’s eye pencil and just smudging it under your eyes and putting some eye shadow on top with your fingers, much more than actually making it look exquisitely beautiful.

He did the suit that I wore in the “Planet Earth” video, he made our clothes for the last British tour. I saw him a couple of years back now, I went to one of his shows in Paris at his salon and it was as divine as ever. Our hairdresser was our guitarist’s girlfriend’s brother at the time, a guy called Mitch, I seem to remember.

Last night was a victorious one for the best trio in the business 🗣SCU!!!

Today we celebrate with an #americanrebel cigar at the @Starrcast Events Smoke & Mirrors event from 11-1.

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I couldn’t think of that many things to say to him because I was so surprised that we’d suddenly met David Bowie.

I’ve got satin jodhpurs, they are sort of purply-blue satin jodhpurs that are possibly the widest pair of jodhpurs you will ever see, and a little bolero jacket that goes with it. The person that we’ve worked with the most is Antony Price, who to me—I’ve said it many times and I’m going to keep saying it—is THE most underrated British designer. And I think because he never got some mega backing financially that a lot of the other designers did, he’s almost the most pure artist of all of them, to me.

We worked with him, because we were aware of his work with Roxy Music, particularly. We didn’t actually do much with him because he always threatened to make men’s clothes but never really got further than pajamas, but we always used to love to go and see his fashion shows.

Antony has been the most constant of the designers that we’ve worked with as a band. Stephen Sprouse, a New York designer who, to me, was one of the most influential of the new wave designers. And he would dye our hair any color any day we requested.

Back then there were a lot of other designers out there: Vivienne Westwood we always bought things from; Scott Crolla was another great British designer of that time; there was a store in London called PX which was very new wave, we used to buy things from them. You’d sort of have black one day and you’d say: “I think I fancy being blond for the weekend.” And so he said: “I’ll have a go.” I remember going from black to blond and it was an absolute nightmare.

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