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Stretching is a chopper modification dating from the 1960’s. A single movement of a piston, stem or crank arm from one end of its range to the other.Its effect was to raise the fork neck, increasing the degree of rake, and allow for the use of a long, extended fork without significantly raising the engine and drivetrain (and bike’s center-of-gravity) high into the air. – Sudden Engine Seizure – This also refers to a Stuck Piston which will cause a Gradual Engine Seizure, where the bike will loose power and need to be pulled over to cool-off. The engine was overheated and/or wasn’t broke in properly or the clearances were set wrong and the engine Stuck a Piston.A solenoid valve is an automatic safety shut-off valve that is opened or closed by the action of a solenoid attached to the valve disc, resulting in fast opening and closing times.– This is a term used when a rider would lean their bike over far enough to drag the bottoms, usually of their bikes floor boards or maybe an exhaust pipe and cause sparks to fly at night from rubbing the pavement.A Snell rating on a helmet, indicated by a sticker inside the helmet, states that the helmet has passed performance tests.

On some bikes there is a notable elevation effect when accelerating. Direct connection method between transmission and rear wheel, as opposed to chain or belt final drive.

hence the term, “suicide shift”.– Taken collectively, pollutants of the oxidation of sulphur, including both sulphur dioxide (SO2) and sulphur trioxide (SO3) and the acids formed by their combination with water.

Of these, sulphuric acid (H2SO4) is of principal interest.

The Shovelhead engine (V-Twin, produced from 1966 – 1984.) 3.

Harley-Davidson’s third generation overhead valve Big Twin engine.

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