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JPMorgan also served as the administrative agent for the term loan.

Eventually, GM arranged to pay off the synthetic lease and hired a law firm, Mayer Brown LLP, to handle the transaction.

(Weisfelner, Edward) (Entered: 08/26/2019)Letter Regarding Motion For Reconsideration of the MDL Court's Recent Ruling on New GMs Motion for Summary Judgment Against the Bellwether Economic Loss Plaintiffs Filed by Edward S.

Notice of Intent to Request Redaction Deadline Due By 8/20/2019. (Lewis, Tenille) (Entered: 08/19/2019)So Ordered signed on 8/16/2019 Re: ORDER PURSUANT TO SECTIONS 1 OF THE BANKRUPTCY CODE AND BANKRUPTCY RULE 3020 APPROVING DISTRIBUTION OF AVOIDANCE ACTION TRUST PROCEEDS TO THE DIP LENDERS. (Related document(s) 14552) Modified on 8/19/2019 (Richards, Beverly).

(Fisher, Eric) (Entered: 08/09/2019)Joint Response to Motion - Joinder in motion and response to objections, submitted by U. Dep't of the Treasury and Export Development Canada (related document(s) 14552) filed by David S. with hearing to be held on 8/12/2019 at AM at Courtroom 523 (MG) (Jones, David) (Entered: 08/08/2019)Letter Regarding the MDL Court's Recent Ruling on New GM's Motion for Summary Judgment Against the Bellwether Economic Loss Plaintiffs Filed by Paul M. (Basta, Paul) (Entered: 08/07/2019)Statement of Issues Record on Appeal and Statement of Issues on Appeal (related document(s)14569) filed by Eric J.

Snyder on behalf of Kimberly Mc Call, Tammy Mc Call.

(Anderson, Deanna) (Entered: 08/15/2019)Status Report / Motors Liquidation Company GUC Trust Quarterly GUC Trust Reports as of June 30, 2019 Filed by Kristin K.

Going on behalf of Motors Liquidation Company GUC Trust.

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