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It's worth noting that prior to this transformation during which he supposedly divested himself of all attachments to people and material possessions, yet still posts Instagram pics of expensive cars and bottles of booze, he described having been a successful wealthy conservative Fox news-watching suburban businessman.And, he's at a point in his life where he feels he's ready for a relationship. Like, as we were talking, he'd favorably approve of any like-minded responses I delivered as "beautiful, beautiful" while furtively radiating a condescending aura of intellectual superiority. For realz, don't ask me how I managed to overlook that last comment.So far, the only luck I've had has been with Tinder.But, after last night's date from hell, I've concluded that Tinder's like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're gonna get.In other words, sexism, classism, and racism are all just figments of my imagination.That's right about when the psychobabble shitstorm hit. "So, here in Atlanta, GA, guess which one of us is gonna get arrested for walking around in public without her shirt on? It's just basic common sense that this is how our laws work." He countered indignantly, "Oh, you're one of those," implying that I'm a bitter, angry woman who feels she's been wronged by white male-dominated society. Only someone with Play-doh for a brain would deny matters of common sense experience.

For some reason, I only saw the text portion of his photo response which indicated he was already at the restaurant having fun. Even if I had noticed the accompanying photo at that moment, it still wouldn't have made any sense until now.Seemed benign enough, so I agreed to meet him Friday night for dinner at a nice restaurant on Krog Street.Unbeknownst to me, that statement actually heralded the first of many red flags.Such a impressive membership makes connection efficient, effortless, and immediate.All sexual orientations are welcome to make your experience loud.

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