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Although we had only 2-1/2 days to explore the area, we saw major attractions and found several under-the-radar gems.It was easy to see how Mazatlan has earned the nickname “Pearl of the Pacific”, derived from the natural beauty of sandy beaches, clear water and mountain views.In Mazatlan, traditions have continued for many years allowing it to maintain an authenticity that one doesn’t find in many resort areas.The people are proud of their heritage, hard-working and friendly — quick to offer a smile or some help.Some feel that the name also has historic origins from when Spanish galleons came here for Baja pearls and local gold.We stayed three nights at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay in what is known as Nuevo Mazatlan (New Mazatlan) where condo and hotel developments dot the beach north of the busier and concentrated hotel area, the Golden Zone.After lunch, a small stage was set up near our table to provide entertainment that was a big hit with our group.We watched numerous performances that included traditional folk dances, native dances (including a ritual fire dance and an eagle dance), and a particularly adept gentleman who performed lasso tricks.

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Back in the city of Mazatlan, the Golden Zone is the bustling center of tourist hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and businesses.With expanded flights from many major international airports, Mazatlan is easier to get to than ever.It's also a destination that offers more fun and romance for each honeymoon dollar spent than many others, making it a great value with lots to see and do.The Malecón promenade runs along the waterfront about four miles through the Golden Zone to Old Town.There are several monuments representing Mazatlan’s heritage, culture and economy along the way.

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