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Working out ratios of the radioactive and stable carbons tells you the age of the sample.

Inside, a new translation of the Therigatha brings to life the voices of the earliest Buddhist nuns, a panel of women teachers share their experiences and insights, and Judith Hertog profiles the Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist Women.If the hair does belong to the skeleton, this lion wore a stylish honey-copper coat. 1-4" width="610" height="610" srcset=" Witchandthe Wardrobe IMAGE-RLT2018650w, Witchandthe Wardrobe IMAGE-RLT2018-150x150150w, Witchandthe Wardrobe IMAGE-RLT2018-300x300300w, Witchandthe Wardrobe IMAGE-RLT2018-110x110110w, Witchandthe Wardrobe IMAGE-RLT2018-70x7070w" sizes="(max-width: 610px) 100vw, 610px" / enchanted patrons of all ages as the Raleigh Little Theatre brought C. The delightful set work, the clever costumes, and the energy and professionalism of the cast, both onstage and offstage make RLT‘s production of thoroughly enjoyable.Microbes could have crept in long after the lion died, adding a younger stock of carbon-14.Levchenko plans to dissolve the hair’s keratin to remove contaminants and get a more accurate date.

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