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Walker’s lawyers dismissed the suit as “insanity”, alleging that she lived in a fantasy world, and the action eventually collapsed.Virtually all Koo’s money had now gone on legal fees and, unable to pay the rent on her London flat, she was left homeless.If things had gone differently, we might have been here for days.” Instead, the New York-born former actress was up on a charge of stealing a £40,000 painting from her ex-lover’s home.In a suitably cinematic twist, she arrived for her trial carrying the 17th-century artwork swaddled in a green blanket and handed it to the clerks, allowing Judge Mc Dowall to record a formal “not guilty” verdict.Not only was this a clear case of a young woman crushed by the unfeeling Establishment, but just imagine how much better it would have been if the prince had married her instead of Fergie.We will never know how things might have turned out, but while the two have remained friendly there is little to suggest that they suffered any inconsolable yearning for each other.

“When you have money it means nothing to you, and when you don’t it affects everything in your life.” Having survived cancer, along with her other woes, she now appears to live on housing benefits and the help of friends.

Unfortunately, it transpired that she had done some freshening up of her own – in a naked lesbian shower scene for a 1976 movie called Emily.

The romance with Andrew ran into stiff opposition from traditionalists, the press went wild and the spectre of Wallis Simpson (doubtless watching with some amusement from her exile in Paris) was summoned to remind us all that senior royals can’t fall in love with just anybody. “It wasn’t like a Hollywood movie, with a grand finale,” Koo remembered. It had been strangled to death.” In later years, as her life descended into something resembling chaos, it became the received wisdom to attribute her misfortunes to the break-up with Andrew.

The latest court case arose from an incident last year when Ms Stark went to Walker’s London townhouse, and after being admitted by his housekeeper, allegedly removed the painting from the wall and walked out with it.

She later told police the work was a “gift” from her ex-boyfriend.

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