Know dating recovering alcoholic

Unless you are also a recovering alcoholic, don't purport to understand or put yourself in the shoes of another person who is sober.

If you do have experience or education regarding alcoholism, keep in mind that each person with alcoholism is unique and so is her path in recovery.

Meetings vary by location, but typically include a venue that encourages problem-solving through shared experiences.

If you don't feel comfortable attending a support group alone, ask a friend or family member to accompany you until you feel comfortable.

As a source of support for the person you are dating, you need to understand that person's triggers as well as his sources of ongoing wellness and abstinence.

If possible, attend local groups created to provide support for friends and family members who love a person with alcoholism.

A recovering alcoholic who is attending AA or similar meetings regularly is encouraged to avoid exposure to alcohol, at least in the early stages of recovery.Recovery from alcohol dependence is lifelong, notes the American Medical Association, even if the individual never consumes another drink.Because alcoholism is a chronic condition, dating and relationships should be conducted in the context of the individual's recovery, a personal and unique process.Make a concerted effort to maintain open channels of communication with the person you are dating.Communication is important in any dating scenario, but for a recovering alcoholic, communication is vital.

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