Kenya romance dating

This makes dating Kenyan girls so much easier.​Yes, it’s true. The majority, however, pretends to be cool with it because they know that their husbands are not faithful.In 2014, the Kenyan government passed a legislation that allows men to marry as many women as they want.They are better at university, get better jobs and earn more money.They do all of this while taking care of the children and the household.Now that I used the word “submissiveness”, I can already hear the screams of embittered WHITE feminists who call me a racist asshole with a slave fetish. I mean, you can find a lot of black girls in the USA, England, France and many other Western countries.Traditional Kenyan women know exactly what I mean by submissiveness. In this case, dating sexy Kenyan women who know how to shake their assets is definitely not the worst idea. Women like the ones in the video I just shared are perfect for an adventure. Disable your Facebook notifications, close the site with the dirty videos, and discover the 17 facts you absolutely need to know before dating beautiful Kenyan women.​As a man who is into dark-skinned women, you’ll fall in love with the beauty of Kenyan women.There’s a reason why these beauties are so popular among Western men.

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Yes, you can find more Kenyan women on the largest African dating site on the internet than on Kenyan Cupid.

And there is a reason why they are the only African women who got their own dating site from the Cupid Media group. And while I don’t say that your Kenyan girlfriend will win the Nobel Prize, you shouldn’t underestimate her intelligence.

It’s not a coincidence that Nairobi has been named the most intelligent city in Africa.​Nairobi has three popular universities. I’m sure that there’s a reason why you want to date African women instead of Western women and I’m also sure that it’s not just because of the color of their skin.

They are not so perfect for starting a family.​There are more than 40 different tribes in Kenya.

And every tribe has women with unique qualities, looks, and skills. I met quite a few Kenyan women in my life but none of them ever told me about their tribe. Today I asked Google, You Tube and dozens of academic studies.

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