Keep firefox settings when updating

However, it is totally your choice whether you want to update your browser or not.

If you have set Firefox as your default browser, it is recommended to keep Firefox up-to-date and enjoy its unique features.

But Firefox has a special feature of background services with which it will update the browser to its latest version whenever available.

Updating Firefox can be as easy as restarting the browser, though you can also tap the hamburger icon on the upper right-hand corner, type “Update” into the search box and hit that “Restart to update Firefox” button to be sure. It’s not clear exactly what hackers are attempting to gain by actively exploiting this flaw, but stealing cryptocurrency is one guess — the bug was credited to Samuel Groß in his roles as a member of both Google’s Project Zero security research division and the Coinbase security team.

“Out of the box,” Mozilla’s Firefox browser is widely regarded as the most privacy-friendly mainstream browser available.

Unfortunately, this leaves you open to other forms of attack.

It also reduces the day-to-day functionality of your computer to such an extent that most of us will find the idea impractical.

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