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The Mysore Odeyars arrange kaalaga or fights like Vajra Mushti during Dasara festival which is made less frightening these days as they are publicly staged.

Rock lifting, Bull race, Kusthi, and Kabaddi are popular sports.

Dasa Sahitya is the literature of Bhakti movement composed by devotees in honor of Lord Vishnu or one of his avatars.

Dasa is literally "servant" in Kannada and sahitya is literature.

The martial arts more prevalent in parts of North Karnataka with Garadi Mane present in every village and a head to train the youngsters into fit individuals.

Art of Living is one such organization immensely popular all over the world.

The Lord is described as Samagana priya, and bhakti through music is the most preferred path to 'reach' Him.

The Haridasa compositions are popularly known as Devaranamas.

Compositions like Krishna Nee Begane Baaro, Venkatachala Nilayam, Jagadoddharana, Tamboori Meetidava are some of the many examples of their scholarly work.

One of the oldest forms of music in the region is Karnataka Shastreeya Sangeetha which has evolved over ages.

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